Trans United Fund Endorses

Hillary Clinton

It’s time to #TransTheVote and elect trans-supportive leadership.
Support Trans United Fund’s work to elect Secretary Clinton for President and empower voters.


Trans United Fund Endorses

Hillary Clinton

It’s time to #TransTheVote and elect trans-supportive leadership. Support Trans United Fund’s work to elect Secretary Clinton for President and empower voters.


Leadership That Will Move the Trans Community Forward

We need you to #transthevote by committing to vote on November 8th and asking your friends and family to do the same. Tell your friends and loved ones to #transthevote! Support Trans United Fund’s work to elect Secretary Clinton. Donate to Trans United Fund today.

Secretary Clinton knows that we’ve come far, but have a long way to go to achieve full equality for everyone in our community.

She supports full federal LGBTQIA equality, including comprehensive discrimination protections based on gender identity. She has also committed to end violence against our community—especially trans women of color, improve training for law enforcement, and reduce barriers to updating IDs. Secretary Clinton backs this up with a strong record of fighting for our community.


Wear It! #TransTheVote

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Hillary's Platform

Secretary Clinton will fight for our full federal equality.
See her platform and record on LGBTQ issues.



Are you a trans equality voter? Donate to help Trans United Fund support Secretary Clinton and empower voters this election.


Stronger Together

At Trans United, we believe in advocating beyond single or narrow issues, and we raise the voices of those who face marginalization at the intersections of race, class, and gender identity to work together for a future of full equality for all.

Secretary Clinton believes we are stronger together. We also endorse her for her commitments to protect immigrants, reform our broken criminal justice system and fight for racial justice, expand support for people with disabilities, and reduce income inequality.

We don’t believe that Hillary Clinton is the lesser of two evils. We think she is a brilliant and accomplished woman with a deep commitment to public service and creating change.


It's Up to You. #TransTheVote

Support Trans United Fund’s work to elect Secretary Clinton and empower voters. Ask your friends and loved ones to do the same!


Presidential Questionnaires

Trans United Fund engaged with 2016 presidential campaigns on a historic trans-focused questionnaire. Here’s how candidates responded.

Trans United Fund submitted the historic first-ever trans-focused Presidential Questionnaire to eligible candidates in the 2016 race. Fighting for trans equality means a serious commitment to a set of thoughtful policies that address the issues that impact our community disproportionately, particularly the most vulnerable members of our community, including youth, undocumented people, people of color, women, and those who lives at the intersections of many of these identities.

Politicians who stand with us must not only back non-discrimination measures, but also demonstrate their commitment to serving our community across the complete spectrum of issues.

2016 Presidential Candidate Questionnaire

The first ever trans-focused questionnaire for presidential candidates, submitted to all eligible candidates in spring 2016.


Secretary Clinton published an op-ed calling for full federal equality for all LGBT people and pledging to continue to fight for the rights of transgender people.

Read the Op-Ed
Bernie's Response

In a historic first, Senator Sanders’ campaign responded to the Trans United Fund Questionnaire with powerful advocacy in support of transgender full equality.

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Donald Trump’s campaign did not respond to Trans United Fund, nor did any other Republican candidate.

Paid for by the Trans United Fund and not authorized by any candidate or candidate’s committee.

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