Our Building Power Cohort

The Building Power Cohort offers more than just fiscal sponsorship of emerging trans leaders and organizations.

Our program serves as an incubator and capacity-building vehicle for trans-led organizations working with communities on the ground in historically under-served areas like the American South. The Building Power Cohort program fosters community coalitions, builds relationships across difference, and enables institutional knowledge to flow freely between transgender leaders and organizations.

Trans United currently supports 9 trans-led, grassroots organizations. At least 6 are led by and for trans people of color.


Transgender Advocates Knowledgeable Empowering


Birmingham, Alabama

Led by trans women of color in Alabama, Transgender Advocates Knowledgeable Empowering provides life-saving direct services to those in need of them including: name and document changes, health care access, an LCSW therapist, crisis intervention, baseline needs like food and clothing, as well as public education, social gatherings, educational/healing retreats and policy advocacy.



Atlanta-area, Georgia

Led by a black trans man, Trans(forming) provides services to self-identified AFAB trans folks of color in and around Atlanta, including re-entry programs, support and social groups, access to critical resources, and surgery aftercare for those in need of it.


Brave Space Alliance

Chicago, Illinois

Led by trans women of color, the Brave Space Alliance offers a mix of direct health, mental health, and wellness services to trans folks, particularly those of color, across Chicago. We also provide direct access to vital resources including self-defense, anti-violence programming, and direct action training.




Miami-area, Florida

TransSocial provides vital human services including name and gender document changes, access to HIV treatment, health care, access to social services, and support groups. We now also offer trans-specific and affirming addiction treatment services.


Trans Healthcare


Led by nonbinary and trans leaders throughout Maryland, our mission is to promote trans wellness throughout the state of Maryland by increasing access to affirming services and resources, while nurturing young trans leadership. We fight for affordable, accessible, and affirming trans healthcare throughout Maryland.


No Justice No Pride

Washington, DC

Led by trans women of color, No Justice No Pride engages in direct action to hold Capital Pride and other LGBTQ movement organizations accountable to the true roots and originators of our movement: trans women of color. No Justice No Pride also maintains a housing program for trans sex workers of color, as well as an organizing and capacity building program with a sex work decriminalization advocacy component.


TransInclusive Group


Ft. Lauderdale, Florida

A Trans Led Organization that services Black and Brown Transgender Individuals, we provider referrals for linkage to care , preventative health and other essential medical services. We also host a weekly support group for transgender and gender non-conforming individuals. Through our TransInclusive Emergency Crisis Fund, we provide emergency assistance to transgender individuals in the need of emerging housing, utilities assistance, transportation, care packages, sliding scale doctor visits, ID and birth certificate changes, as well as access to HRT, labs, and prescription medications. We service Dade, Broward, and Palm Beach Counties.


DC Area TransMasculine Society

Washington DC, Maryland & Virginia

The DC Area TransMasculine Society is a collective of trans men and trans-masculine of spectrum non-binary folks that provides social and support events, educational events, and direct service item shares, including procuring binders for those in need, mental health care, and other community resources.


Strategic Transgender Alliance for Radical Reform

New York, New York

Led by trans women of color, the Strategic Transgender Alliance for Radical Reform focuses on holding authorities accountable for solving the murders of trans women of color in and around New York. We organize in sex worker communities a la the model of the original STAR and advocate for policies that help homeless trans and non-binary people.


National Trans Bar Association


Washington, DC

The National Trans Bar Association works to recruit, support and develop the skills of trans and gender nonconforming legal professionals and law school students; increase access to affordable, legally and culturally competent legal services for TGNC communities; foster bold, inclusive, and creative legal strategies to expand formal legal protections  for TGNC people; and elevate intersectional work and cross movement collaborations. 


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